5 "Go To" Summer Recipes

Summer - is there any more delicious a season?  Here are some of our fave summer recipes, all family approved, that will become part of your "go to goodness" recipe file.

We start with our killer burger that we call No Ordinary Burger -- always ridiculously flavorful and tender juicy.

Then you gotta have a few side dishes. Ditch the tired old standard baked bean dish everyone brings and brighten your table with  our Sweet & Spicy Bean Salad  which has to be hands down one of the simplest recipes around!

When all those fresh ears of corn start to make their way to farmers markets and road side stands, its time to buy it by the bushel, throw it on the grill and smother it in  Mexican Street Corn style sauce!

And one that will satisfy your vegetarians in the most delightful way would be our Picnic Pasta Salad- which is beyond simple to make and so easy to tote to any kind of summer gathering!

Last but not least, your summer table wouldn't be complete without some ice cream!  Our Peach Pistachio Sundae is only three...yes that's right...three ingredients, unless you can't control your desire to add some whipped cream! With or without it, its sweet, spicy, peachy, crunchy creaminess in every bite will have them chiming the familiar chant, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Enjoy!

from my summer table to yours,