'Sweet Enough' Iced Tea

In the south 'sweet tea' is a thing.  A seriously sweet thing. 

According to southern lore it MUST contain a small mountain of sugar and it MUST be served over ice!  

But I have come to love it a little less sweet....let's say I have come to appreciate...sweet enough

The secret  is to use a bit of agave syrup, add citrus rounds of orange and lime (or lemon) then garnish with mint. You will end up with a lovely refreshing and much better for you glass of iced tea! 


Add a few festive straws.....










...and  make those southern hot summery days a little more bearable with this light, citrusy, 'sweet enough' tea for any palate - southern or otherwise!  Cheers!

from my table to yours, 



Sweet Enough Iced Tea

8 cups brewed* tea

2 family size tea bags (I like to use an orange pekoe like Liptons but you might fancy another brand)

1/2 cup agave syrup

1 orange sliced

1 lime sliced

mint leaves for garnish

*To brew tea:  Heat 4 cups of water to boiling.  Add 2 family size tea bags and let steep for 3-5 minutes (no longer or it will become bitter-this is the most often made mistake-steeping tooooo long).  Pour into 2 quart pitcher. Add 4 cups water.

Stir in agave syrup.   Add orange and lime slices.  Serve over ice in tall glasses.  Garnish with mint leaves, orange and lime slices.