Creating an Herb and Flower Garden

Most herb gardens are just that....herb gardens.  Most flower gardens are just a show of flowers!  In searching for a solution to getting my herb gathering a few steps closer to my kitchen door, I decided I'd combine the two.  Here's all you need to make it happen:  

1. Choose a spot that has at least 1/2 day of sunshine.

2. Choose an approriate container. have a hanging "window style" box but you could also use a large clay pot, ceramic planter, galvanized bucket...just so it has drainage holes!

3. Potting soil, trowel, and garden matting  (holds the soil in) if your container is basket-like.

4. Herb seedlings (choose some you regularly use-I chose thyme, rosemary, sage and basil)

5. Flower seedlings (I chose white geraniums - which are annuals and I love the color of green with whites in the same space)

Start by lining your container if it is the wire/basket type.  Add potting soil.  Remove seedlings gently from their containers and alternate flowers with herbs making each of them their own little spot)


Water and watch them grow!  They'll be bringing you lots of fresh tastes for your family's table and beautiful flowers to look at too!  Hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

from my garden to yours,