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Breakfast Scrambler Wrap

Breakfast Scrambler Wrap with My Brother's Salsa

  These yummy breakfast wraps are more than perfect for those morinngs when you need something you can make ahead and  just toss in the oven (or even microwave) when you need them.  Filled with buttery eggs, hearty black beans, melty cheddar and our light, fresh House Salsa - it’s sure to please... Read More

Stuffed Mushrooms

Decadent Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms don’t get any better or easier than these!  Filled with a mixture of smoky cream cheese and topped with butter toasted panko crumbs, then drizzled with more smoky cream sauce….

Smoky Onion Dip

Smoky Onion Dip with My Brother's Salsa

A splash of sherry and a touch of smokiness from our salsa raises the bar on this classic dip of carmelized onions blended with tangy sour cream and lemony mayo! 

Ham Sliders with Cranberry Mustard Sauce

Ham Sliders with My Brother's Cranberry Orange Salsa

    This is a delightful way to use leftover country ham.  The salty ham topped with sharp cheddar cheese and our creamy tangy, sweet Cranberry Mustard Sauce might just make this not a “leftover” meal but the only reason you shop for country ham!    

Mexican Skillet

Mexican Skillet with My Brother's House Salsa

The salsa seasoned beef layered with creamy black beans, earthy hominy and lots of cheesy goodness make this a famiy fave.  Serve with a bright green salad, or scoop it onto chips as a hearty dip!

Roast Turkey Chili

Roast Turkey Chili with My Brother's Black Bean  & Corn Salsa

Take that leftover turkey and turn it into a warm, earthy chili complemented by the tanginess of  My Brother’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa. Crispy Fire Crackers on the side add a nice bite of heat!

Cranberry Cheesecake

Cranberry Cheesecake with My Brother's Cranberry Orange Salsa

  The combination of tart cranberries, citrusy oranges and sweet cream cheese on top of a crisp chocolate crust is cheesecake perfection in every bite.

Waffle Taco Stack-UP

Waffle Taco Stack-Up with My Brother's House Salsa

A savory cornbread waffle is just the first layer of goodness.Topped with taco seasoned beef, & finished off with layers of black bean,corn, avocado,cheese,My Brother’s Salsa,& tangy sour cream to make‘Taco Tuesday’ one to remember!    

Peach Pecan Parfait

Peach Pecan Parfait

This dish is why we all keep screaming for ice cream!  Creamy, peachy fruitiness and the crunch of the toasted pecans will bring sweet smiles of satisfaction. 

Peachy Baked Beans

Peachy Baked Beans

Need a memorable baked bean dish for your next gathering? Smoky bacon, sweet peachiness and savory goodness.… these aren’t your grandmother’s  baked beans – so get ready to take a bite into the best baked beans ever….and there’s no going back!