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Fried Egg Tacos

Fried Egg Taco with My Brother's Salsa

Whether it’s breakfast time or Taco Tuesday, these Fried Egg Tacos are quick to get on the table.  Savory corn tortillas filled with tangy goat cheese, fresh spinach, and that glorious velvety yolk fried egg!  

Skillet Steak with Cheese Enchiladas

Skillet Steak with Cheese Enchiladas with My Brother's Salsa

Steak has other friends besides the potato...and in the American Southwest you can bet there's an enchilada on the plate.  Rib eye steak seared to create a savory crust, topped with earthy mushrooms and alongside comes these creamy, velvety cheese enchiladas.  There's no turning back.  

Roasted Mushroom Taco

Roasted Mushroom Taco with My Brother's Salsa

Earthy mushrooms topped with creamy goat cheese, a special sauce and crispy onion rings make for decadent tacos that will become a regular in your Taco Tuesday rotation!

Meatloaf Melts

Meatloaf Melts made with My Brother's Salsa

Make this meatloaf and use 1/2 for a meal, then turn the leftover 1/2 into amazing sandwiches.  Savory beef, creamy sauce, melty cheddar topped with crunchy onion rings and pickles.  Magical. 

Braised Beef Taco with Pickled Corn Pico

Braised Beef Taco with Pickled Corn Pico

These tacos are decadent with savory tender beef, draped in a velvety salsa sauce.  Then topped off with creamy avocado and our bright and tangy corn pico de gallo!

Sauced Smokies & Meatballs

Sauced Smokies and Meatballs with My Brother's Salsa

That’s right...we’re cooking up smokies and meatballs in the same dish!  Your party guests will love having this sweet and tangy combo. 

Football Handpies

Football Handpies with My Brother's Salsa

Game day fun when you shape your handpies into footballs.  Bites of creamy beef in between layers of flaky crust are hard to resist - especially when topped with citrusy lime guacamole

Black Eyed Pea Cakes with Spicy Tomato Jam

Black Eyed Pea Cakes with Spicy Tomato Jam

Crispy crust on the outside, creamy on the inside, topped with sweet spicy jam makes this the perfect party bite! This recipe looks long and complicated...just be sure to read through the instructions before me...these little jewels are worth the little bit of trouble...and the... Read More

Breakfast Scrambler Wrap

Breakfast Scrambler Wrap with My Brother's Salsa

  These yummy breakfast wraps are more than perfect for those morinngs when you need something you can make ahead and  just toss in the oven (or even microwave) when you need them.  Filled with buttery eggs, hearty black beans, melty cheddar and our light, fresh House Salsa - it’s sure to please... Read More

Stuffed Mushrooms

Decadent Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms don’t get any better or easier than these!  Filled with a mixture of smoky cream cheese and topped with butter toasted panko crumbs, then drizzled with more smoky cream sauce….